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Testimonial from John Hilla

"My 30-minute bonus marketing call with Sonia was extremely helpful in capping off the lessons learned in her 2 Weeks to Trademark Course. I don't love piping up and asking questions during class and never have, so it was very useful to me to have a few minutes of one-on-one time to discuss marketing strategy with Sonia and to confirm my own next steps relative to what I'd already been doing for my non-Trademark practice area for many years. Long story short, I'd been doing some things right, but Sonia helped me focus on what I needed to do to take my practice forward utilizing current technology resources that I wasn't even aware existed."

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Testimonial from Lisa Ventress

"Thank you for providing such awesome content in a condensed timeframe! I learned so much. I particularly liked the demonstration of logo searching and the examples you used for making proper classifications. I look forward to reviewing all supplemental materials that come along with the course & to finding success in the implementation of the tools learned as a result of your course! Great work! Keep thinking outside of the traditional legal box!"

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Testimonial from Mia McMichael

"I am three classes into Sonia's trademark course. It is action-packed! Especially Classes 2 and 3 so get ready. I am enjoying the training because I am receiving great information in a non-stuffy environment. Sonia is so funny and she doesn’t know it – it’s natural which makes you enjoy it even more.  I really appreciate the opportunity to take this class. Sonia points out mistakes attorneys make which I have witnessed myself. Great class...thanks Sonia!"

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Testimonial from Tony Booker

"Sonia’s marketing call consultation will definitely add value to your practice, improve your business development skills, and send you on your way to creating a lucrative practice. I look forward to learning more from you. Thanks."

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Testimonial from Sheila Gibson

"Just wanted to let you know the stuff you taught yesterday regarding copying links, and templates, and delegating was the shit!! That’s exactly how I run my patent practice so it is HUGE to be able to just implement your tried and true ways! Having done it with my practice, I know the work that went into perfecting what you do. So, I recognize and appreciate the value of what you provide in your courses! They are way more than trademark law! I’ve learned things I can apply to my patent practice to improve it!"

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