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Stuck on what to write or post about? It’s hard to think of topics for your content marketing and social media, but not when you have a cheat sheet! Sonia has put together 100 Blog Post Ideas to Grow Your Trademark Practice, full of the most common questions asked by potential clients, myths most business owners believe, and the guidance that entrepreneurs need. Kick off your marketing now with this incredible jam-packed guide!

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2 Weeks to Trademarks: Boss of Myself (One Time Payment)

Boss of Myself includes:

  • Modules 1-4 (10+ hours of video instruction)
  • All the template documents you'll need to get started
  • Access to a private online group for ongoing support
  • Exclusive discounts on the (few) software and tools you may need 
  • Access to everything immediately on-demand (binge all you want!)
  • Lifetime access to all materials (keep it all forever!)

Wait! Want help with your marketing, consultations, and building referrals? Check out the Boss of an Empire version by clicking here which has EVERYTHING IN BOSS OF MYSELF, PLUS...

  • 2 personal calls with Sonia: Ask anything you want and get one-on-one help creating a custom marketing plan!
  • Conquer the Consultation: 2.5-hour class detailing word-for-word scripts to talk with potential clients
  • Building Trademark Referrals Class: 2.5-hour class to learn how to create referral relationships specifically for trademarks
  • Rainmaking 2.0: 12+ hours of video instruction on Sonia's best marketing strategies to build a multi-6-figure firm without ever paying for SEO or Ad Words. You will learn...
    • How to differentiate yourself when it feels like everyone else is doing the same thing as you
    • How to stay top of mind for referrals even when you're not around
    • How to get your name in press and media without hiring anyone or paying for it
    • What to actually do with all those business cards you collect after an event
    • How to choose what events and conferences are actually worth your time (and how to maximize your efforts)
    • The Wow Factor formula for leaving a lasting impression with clients that results in glowing testimonials and voluntary word-of-mouth referrals
    • How to design an experience that keeps clients raving about you for years
    • How to prevent your revenue form taking a random dip and avoid the feast-or-famine cycle once and for all
    • How to use social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) for marketing that actually results in new clients
    • How to create referral relationships where people willingly send you business without SEO, paid advertising, etc.
    • How to become the go-to resource in your niche practice even if there are tons of other attorneys who offer the same area
    • How to develop a brand where you are viewed as the expert in your field
    • How to keep in touch without constantly going to lunches and coffees all the time
    • What to put on your email signature, business cards, and website that will make you memorable and unforgettable
    • How to create content once and repurpose it multiple different ways so you don't always have to come up with new ideas
    • The one email template I’ve used to get 90% of potential referral sources to meet me for coffee
    • How to work smarter, not harder and balance your time between business development and actually doing the work you brought in

Check out the Boss of an Empire version by clicking here!

What People Are Saying:

I just finished the 2 Weeks To Trademarks course taught by Sonia Lakhany, Esquire. I wanted to get away from my family law practice and go back into a more “corporate” type of practice where I don’t need to run to court all the time. I knew very little about trademarks when I started (other than some research that I had done for a business that I have an ownership interest in). Now after only two weeks, I feel like I am ready to start marketing my services as a trademark attorney. Sonia shared a wealth of information including her forms, templates, systems, etc. This was not your typical law course lecture format. Sonia kept everyone engaged, answered questions through the live Q and A sessions, and was very transparent about how she runs her practice and what she has learned as a leading trademark attorney. The course price was a little over my initial budget but now I think that the course was worth well more than I paid for it. I see this course as being a game-changer for my practice and I expect to fully transition into this practice area by the end of this calendar year.

Darlene Wright Powell

Taking the Two Weeks to Trademarks class was the best money I have spent so far as an attorney. Sonia is very passionate, organized, and thorough in her class. She not only provides the tools to start handling trademark applications upon completion of the class but also useful tips for practice management. I will definitely be taking more courses from her! I've thought about all the money I've spent on other CLEs, etc. (like the conference I'm going to this week), and I can guarantee you that I will not learn as much there as I have here already. Thanks for letting me in on this!

Pamela Fero

Sonia's classes are for anyone who needs to understand the "process" of how to quickly and efficiently register a trademark/service mark for your client! She is dynamic, engaging and very informative. The class is well worth the money!

Donna Rinck

This class was everything I needed! I am focusing my practice areas on trademarks and I wanted to make sure that I could be confident in providing this service to my clients. She was thorough with the information, willing to answer questions and withheld nothing. Hands down worth the money!

Tanisia Moore

Sonia Lakhany’s course “2 Weeks To Trademarks” is a must take for individuals who are transiting into the trademark practice area…The templates are definitely an added bonus and have been extremely useful for me with communicating with clients in my practice. Sonia is an excellent and patient instructor, who has invaluable depth of knowledge in trademark law and in running a successful law practice. She is very transparent and does not hold back any information, whether the information is about tools that she uses in her practice or is about how she markets to clients. I was skeptical about investing into this course because I had some familiarity with trademark law prior to taking the “2 Weeks To Trademarks” course and because I was unsure whether this course would be best use of my money. However, I am glad that I did sign up for the course because it gave me confidence to really dive into this practice area. So far, I have engaged one client and have two potential clients since the course ended three weeks ago.

Xavier Hailey