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Testimonial from Xavier Hailey

2 weeks to trademarks Apr 13, 2020

"Sonia Lakhany’s course “2 Weeks To Trademarks” is a must take for individuals who are transiting into the trademark practice area…The templates are definitely an added bonus and have been extremely useful for me with communicating with clients in my practice. Sonia is an excellent and patient instructor, who has invaluable depth of knowledge in trademark law and in running a successful law practice. She is very transparent and does not hold back any information, whether the information is about tools that she uses in her practice or is about how she markets to clients. I was skeptical about investing into this course because I had some familiarity with trademark law prior to taking the “2 Weeks To Trademarks” course and because I was unsure whether this course would be best use of my money. However, I am glad that I did sign up for the course because it gave me confidence to really dive into this practice area. So far, I have engaged one client and have two potential clients since the course ended three weeks ago."


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