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Testimonial from Niyati Sangani

2 weeks to trademarks Apr 11, 2020

"Trademark lawyer lady? More like trademark lawyer goddess! Ms. Lakhany is an ABSOLUTE GEM! Her Two Weeks to Trademarks Course is exactly what a newbie lawyer who is looking for mentorship needs! The videos are clear, instructional, and to the point, along with the fact that she makes her classes and Q&A sessions fun and interactive! Her step by step process is exactly what I needed in order to learn everything there is about practicing trademark law. As a recent graduate who’s only one year out of law school, I was skeptical as to whether this was the right route to take, however Sonia was able to teach me and help me out in an efficient and practical manner. Her course gave me the confidence I needed to transition from a different area of law and focus on this instead. I cannot wait to take more classes with her and be able to build a practice I truly enjoy! "


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