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Testimonial from Nicole Mason

2 weeks to trademarks Apr 12, 2020

"I have got to give huge kudos to Sonia Lakhany and her 2 Weeks to Trademarks Course! Sonia is a real-world teacher. She takes you from the very introductory steps all the way through advanced steps needed to start or advance your trademarks practice, including practice-ready tips in this quick course. Sonia is approachable and goes above and beyond in answering any questions you may have – even if they aren’t directly related to the course. It was a pleasure learning from Sonia and I am happy to have her in my corner as an expert and legal colleague. And, as an extra bonus, I set up the intake of my first Trademark client before I even completed the course! Thank you so much, Sonia, for bringing this area into my practice."


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