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Testimonial from Melanie Cunningham

2 weeks to trademarks Apr 13, 2020

"I'm so happy that I made the investment in your course. I just started my firm (June 2018) and prior to that, I spent over a decade in an alternative legal career (taking my smarts to a global financial institution) after hating litigation & doc review directly out of law school. I say all that because I'm intentional about investing in myself - to increase my knowledge and business. And after wasting a bit (more than a bit) of money on a business coach/mastermind last year it has made me a bit gun shy. But I had a good feeling about you and I admire how you built your firm and background. And at this point, your top tier price sounds like a bargain to me (seriously, that business coach had no business charging what she does, but I digress). I've handled a few trademarks, advised a few people before stepping out on my own (and they were successful), but I knew I was missing a few pieces and could be practicing better. You delivered on what you promised, you know your stuff, and I found the templates invaluable. I also appreciate your candor and willingness to share your best practices with the class. My confidence around my trademark practice (I work with entrepreneurs in the areas of business, IP, and estate planning) has increased tenfold thanks to you. I'm already enjoying Rainmaking 2.0 and I know I will take advantage of your other courses."


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