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Testimonial from John Hilla

2 weeks to trademarks Apr 13, 2020

"Sonia Lakhany's "2 Weeks to Trademark" course was exactly the sort of kickstart I needed to begin building my own trademark registration practice area after many years working exclusively in the bankruptcy field. The course was exactly the right balance of substantive and procedural information, with plenty of helpful practice pointers from Sonia. All of the necessary bases were covered, with plenty of opportunity for question-and-answer, participation, and feedback. Sonia's enthusiastic and friendly narration actually made "2 Weeks to Trademark" a fun learning experience, furthermore, not at all the dry, sub-intelligible slog that I've come to expect from the typical CLE course. I already had a pile of treatises and the Lanham Act on my reading list. "2 Weeks to Trademark" has given me the rest, including a renewed interest in my own practice."


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