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Testimonial from Darlene Wright Powell

2 weeks to trademarks Apr 13, 2020

"I just finished the 2 Weeks To Trademarks course taught by Sonia Lakhany, Esquire. I wanted to get away from my family law practice and go back into a more “corporate” type of practice where I don’t need to run to court all the time. I knew very little about trademarks when I started (other than some research that I had done for a business that I have an ownership interest in). Now after only two weeks, I feel like I am ready to start marketing my services as a trademark attorney. Sonia shared a wealth of information including her forms, templates, systems, etc. This was not your typical law course lecture format. Sonia kept everyone engaged, answered questions through the live Q and A sessions, and was very transparent about how she runs her practice and what she has learned as a leading trademark attorney. The course price was a little over my initial budget but now I think that the course was worth well more than I paid for it. I see this course as being a game-changer for my practice and I expect to fully transition into this practice area by the end of this calendar year."


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