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Testimonial from A. Grace Van Dyke James

2 weeks to trademarks Apr 11, 2020

"Sonia is amazing, and this course is just one of many things that proves it! In two hort weeks she really does walk you step by step – in an incredibly accessible and FUN manner – through the process of establishing a successful trademarks practice. You can tell she genuinely enjoys teaching and mentoring, and she really does want to see you succeed. She does not see additional trademark practitioners as competition – instead, she delights in her students’ accomplishments. The class is incredibly interactive. Sonia repeatedly asks engaging questions of participants, usually geared toward making sure she is covering the areas of greatest interest in depth. She is also very responsive to all students’ questions. This course is great for anyone – not just solos or small firms looking to add trademarks to their practice. It is packed with information that recent law school grads (like me) can use, and it certainly is a fantastic resume builder. It also taught me a lot about the big picture of what it’s like to actually practice law. Sonia is truly exceptional – her entrepreneurial spirit is infectious, as is her passion for trademarks. In my opinion, Two Weeks to Trademarks is a must for anyone interested in this area of law. You will enjoy every moment of it and walk away a better lawyer, fired up about this area of practice."


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